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Our seasonal highlights

Discover our seasonal highlights and special offers throughout the year.

The Lueneburg Heath and the nature reserve are well worth visiting at any time of year. Combine a hike or a bike ride through the heath with a visit to our restaurant or a stay with us.

November to February: Winter evenings by the open fire

10. November 2022, 24. November 2022, 01. December 2022, 15. December 2022, 12. January 2023 und 23. February 2023

Spend a cosy evening with us with stories and legends from the heath (in German) by the fireplace with delicious schmaltz bread and punch.

Price per person: 28,50 €*

*Reservation is required, phone: +49 5199 900 or

Main building of Hotel Hof Tütsberg in Schneverdingen in winter | Photo: Christian Burmester

March 2022: Venison highlight

“Heidländer” Nature Park platter “all you can eat”

Look forward to deer saddle, roast roe deer venison, wild boar fillet, Heidschnucken goulasch, creamed savoy cabbage, Brussels sprouts, root vegetables, cranberry terrine, duchess potatoes, small heath potatoes, buckwheat spaetzle and juniper sauce.

Price: “Heidländer” Nature Park platter “all you can eat” 35 €* (from two persons)

*Since we cook fresh and regional, please book in advance by phone: +49 5199 900.

April 2022: Easter, Hare’s tail cotton grass blossom in the Pietzmoor and confirmations

Easter in the restaurant Hof Tütsberg

Enjoy regional specialties in the restaurant of Hotel Hof Tütsberg during the Easter holidays.

Here you can find our offers (in Germany only) – we ask for advance reservation by phone +49 5199 900:

Hare’s tail cotton grass blossom in the Pietzmoor

The Pietzmoor is very close to our hotel. Combine a Pietzmoor excursion with a visit to our restaurant: for lunch, coffee or dinner. After all that fresh air, we will spoil you with fresh, regional cuisine.

"Hare's tail cotton grass" blossom in the Pietzmoor in Schneverdingen | Photo: VNP Stiftung
“Hare’s tail cotton grass” blossom in the Pietzmoor

Hiking tip

Hike a five-kilometre circular trail over boardwalks through the mysterious high moor landscape and discover the special flora and fauna. Follow the exciting information boards of the MoorErlebnisweg. They are likely to tell you a lot about the moor that you didn’t know yet.

In April and May, the hare’s tail cotton grass blossoms accompany you on your walk through the moorland. It’s a great experience to see the white fruiting heads of the cotton grass swaying in the wind. Hikes and walks through the Pietzmoor are delightful all year round.


Confirmations are traditionally held at this time of year. Have you already found a suitable location for your event?

Destination for gourmets: Hotel Hof Tütsberg, Schneverdingen | Photo: Christian Burmester

You have come to the right place. We will make your confirmation an unforgettably beautiful experience. No matter if menu, buffet or barbecue, we fulfil every wish. We can accommodate up to 40 guests. Learn more about hosting events with us.

May/June: Asparagus season

Now you can expect fresh asparagus directly from the fields. We rely on regional products and get our asparagus from Lahde’s Hofladen in Heber.

Let us spoil you with classic and new asparagus dishes from our asparagus menu (2022).

Main course | Hotel Restaurant Hof Tütsberg Schneverdingen | Photo: Christian Burmester

July: Chanterelle season

From July, depending on the weather, delicious regional dishes with chanterelles will be available on our menu (2022).

August: The magic of the heather blossom …

… right on our doorstep!

With its largest contiguous areas of heath, the Lüneburg Heath offers a natural landscape that is unique in Central Europe. When the heath blossoms in August and September, the landscape of the Lüneburg Heath exudes its very special charm. Vivid purple from many millions of blossoms, interspersed with the lush green of junipers and pines and the silvery white of birch trees, colour the entire region.

Heath blossom in the Lueneburg Heath nature reserve | Photo: VNP Stiftung

When and where does the heath bloom?

If climatic conditions remain balanced, the common broom heather (Calluna vulgaris) flowers from early August to mid-September. An old Heidjer rule of thumb says: the heather blooms from 08.08. to 09.09. each year!

Varied walking paths extend from our hotel through the heath. Detailed maps of the paths around the Tütsberg are available from us. View hiking map

25 to 27 August 2023: “Heideblütenfest” in Schneverdingen

In our neighbourhood, the town of Schneverdingen celebrates a big “Heideblütenfest” (heath blossom festival) with a parade and the crowning of the Heath Queen. Click here for the programme…

The Schneverdingen Heath Queen 2019 and her court | Photo: Saskia Schutter
The Heath Queen and her court

Guided tour “Around the Tütsberg”

From 4 August to 29 September 2022 every Thursday at 9.30 a.m.

Experience the Tütsberg Schnucken flock’s release from the sheep shed where it stays overnight and explore the surroundings of the historic estate. Together, we will roam the farmland of the VNP landscape conservation farm, which is managed according to Bioland guidelines, and the former tank training areas, which have become beautiful heathland, as well as experience the mystical tree shapes at the Wulfsberger “Stühbusch”.

At the Tütsberg we also solve the riddle of why there are goats in the Heidschnucken flock and why we need a harrow in the fields.

"Stühbusch" at the Wulfsberg | Photo: VNP Stiftung Naturschutzpark

Start 9.30 a.m., duration approx. 2.5 hours
Meeting place: hotel car park
Price per person: 8 €

View dates in the VNP events calendar

Contact and booking

VNP Stiftung Naturschutzpark Lüneburger Heide
Tour guide Pat Bülk
+49 151 40074628

November: Fondue dinner, German kale, Martinmas goose and Christmas parties

Fondue dinner

From November 2022 to March 2023 we will treat you to an unforgettable fondue evening (from 4 to 40 people).

Broth, fat, cheese and chocolate fondue

We serve four different types of meat, vegetables, various dips, baguette and everything else that goes with it.

Price per person: 30,00 €*

(*Only with advance booking under: +49 5199 900.)

German green kale

In autumn, the German kale season starts once again.

Why not plan your next day trip to us for a kale dinner, perhaps combined with a guided walk through the heath? We would be happy to organise your day trip for you, just get in touch with us.

Our offer: Green kale with cabbage sausage, bacon, Kassler (smoked, salted pork), fried potatoes and mustard.

Price per person: 22,50 € (2022)

Martinmas goose from 5th November

Traditionally, St. Martin is celebrated on 11 November. What the delicious goose and the lantern procession have to do with it, many among us do not know.

A long, long time ago, in 316 AD to be exact, Saint Martin of Tours was born in Pannonia (in what is now Hungary). Martin was a soldier and served in the Roman army for 15 years. During his time as a soldier, he encountered a scantily clad beggar. The good-natured Martin cut his cloak in half with his sword to help the poor beggar.

The following night, Jesus Christ came to Martin in a dream and pretended to be the beggar from the day before. Influenced by this dream, Martin resigned as a soldier. He found the Christian faith, was baptized, studied under the famous church teacher Hilarius and was later ordained Bishop of Tours.

After his death, Martin was canonized and made the patron saint of beggars, soldiers, armourers and domestic animals. Although St. Martin died on 8 November 397, he was buried with big public participation on 11 November. Since then, 11 November has been regarded as St Martin’s day of commemoration.

And the delicious goose?

The very modest Martin hid in a goose coop to avoid the bishop’s election. Unfortunately, the loudly chattering geese betrayed his well-intentioned hiding place, and he was ordained bishop. Since then, according to legend, the goose has been an integral part of St. Martin’s Day.

Traditionally, a lantern procession takes place in many villages on St. Martin’s Day. A person in historical “soldier’s garb” rides ahead on a horse and leads the procession. To drive away the evil spirits and the devil in the darkness, people often parade through the streets with small children and colourful lanterns, some of which they have made themselves. Light is a symbol of the holiness of God. In some regions, a “soldier” shares his coat with a beggar at the end of the procession, in memory of St. Martin.

Your perfect Christmas party

Interior view Hofschänke Hotel Hof Tütsberg Schneverdingen | Photo: Christian Burmester

In our “Hofschänke” you can have a party at the rustic fieldstone fireplace under old oak beams. Up to 30 people can be seated in this cosy room.

"Kaminzimmer" Hotel Hof Tütsberg in Schneverdingen | Photo: C

Up to 45 people can be seated in our comfortable “Kaminzimmer”.

Innenansicht Wintergarten/Restaurant Hotel Hof Tütsberg Schneverdingen | Foto: Christian Burmester

And for smaller groups, we have nice, welcoming areas in our restaurant.

We would be happy to show you our premises in a personal meeting. Book an appointment with us right now.

Our Christmas package

  • Punch, mulled wine, prosecco by the fire basket
  • drinks package for five hours from arrival of the guests
  • 3-course menu, bufffet or fondue for 20 or more people

Price per person: from 60 €

You can also book:

Christmas party à la carte

In addition to our well-known Christmas party package, we are also happy to offer you Christmas parties à la carte. Your guests can either put together their own menu or choose a single dish from the menu. View our Christmas party à la carte menu (in German)

December: Christmas

Enjoy festive hours with family and friends in our cosy restaurant and “Kaminzimmer”.

Christmas day, 25. December 2022*

A delicious Christmas menu awaits you with a starter and dessert buffet. Served at the table will be a soup and your choice from a variety of main courses.

2nd Christmas day, 26. December 2022*

Grand Christmas buffet with everything your heart desires, from the Lueneburg Heath to the sea.

On Christmas and New Year’s Eve, reservations are required in advance!

*Cancellation conditions: Individual persons can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. For more than one person, no-shows or cancellations made at a later time, 20 € will be charged per person.

Discover our Tütsberg package offers!

We have put together the perfect offers for a short holiday in the Lueneburg Heath nature reserve for you: for hikers, horse riders, gourmets or simply in the middle of the cold season!

Hiking on the Heidschnuckenweg near Hof Tütsberg | Photo:
Hotel Hof Tütsberg is located on the “Heidschnuckenweg”.

Visit the Exhbitions and museums of the VNP in the Lueneburg Heath

There is more to see in the Lueneburg Heath than you may think!

Are you planning a holiday in the Lueneburg Heath?
If so, we have some ideas for you!

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